A summary

A business director baptised by fire. CEO with additional experience in corporate governance, restructuring, and difficult conversations. Named the next Howard Hughes by the inventor of the internet and always surrounded by great people.


My values change at different scales such as societal or global, however the following are a good indication of the things I prioritise for myself.

I prioritise myself so that I can give freely to others. I am self-sustainable, healthy and constantly improving. Investing in my own human capital means I have greater capacity to deliver value to the world.

Before I go anywhere, I need to know where I am. I am honest with myself and others around me so that we can progress. Living my truth means doing the right thing, even when it is difficult to do so.

I live in an environment and surround myself with people that reflect similar values. I cherish my relationships and enjoy contributing to them, whether it's with a complete stranger, lifelong partner or just the environments that bring people together.

I hold talent highly and aim to be talented at things I do. I am happy spending a lot of time and effort into refining a practice in order achieve a high standard. I also admire others who achieve the things they are capable of.

Career Capital

Director: 10 years, 6 companies
CEO: 11 Employees, >£5M Raised