Photo Album

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A photography album showing photos of the beach in Australia
Aussie Beach Days
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We brought a guitar and blankets to watch the sun down in Perth.
Container sunset
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Portait and drone photography of Maz at my beach shack
Maz at the shack
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Some photos of my favourite place on earth
Beach Shack
10 Photos
Some drone photography of us in a wheat field
Wheatfield Stopover
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Some snaps of a trip to Italy for a friend's wedding
Italy 2019
14 Images
Select photos of a trip to New York, New York
NYC 2019
11 Images
The best moments of 2020, in photos
2020 Highlights
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Photography portfolio of scenarios when I'm playing with lights, angles and apertures
Creative Photos
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A photography album showing photos of Christie
Christie at the beach
20 Images
Covid in December
Covid December
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Photos of a camping trip down south
Down South