Radical Candor

Radical candor is the key to culture in the workplace

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15hrs per week on team 15 on area of expertise 15 on unpredictable

It is not emotional babysitting, it’s your job. Emotional labor is the key to being a good boss.

Richard Tedlow biography of Andy Grove (intel’s CEO) #[[Book List]]

Bosses guide a team to achieve results

No absolute rules to establishing relationships, but two dimensions listed will help

^^1. Care Personally^^

^^2. Challenge Directly^^

Keeping it professional denies that everyone is human being with human feelings. Repressing who we are alienates you.

Fred Kofman (google) ‘bring your whole self to work’.

[[Colin Powell]] (former US sec of state) being responsible sometimes means pissing people off. Book: [[24 lessons from Colin Powell]].

^^**Radical candor is not nit-picking.**^^

Rule of thumb for any relationship is to leave three unimportant things unsaid each day.

Story of a successful meeting, direct report pulled aside and gave honest feedback on what went well. Asked if she realized she said ‘Um’ a lot. When she clearly did not receive the feedback, told her she’s smart but saying Um makes her sound stupid.

^^**Ruinous empathy:**^^

Russian anecdote about guy who had to amputate his dogs tail but he loves him so much he cuts it off an inch a day rather than all at once.

Want to avoid tension or discomfort.

Praise can be ruinously empathetic. Investigate praise as thoroughly as criticism

Your fly is down - I appreciate it when people point it out to me when I do the same thing. I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it.

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