September 2020

October 1, 2020

Moving day

We got the move sorted really quickly with the help of professional movers and some lovely friends. We also had lots of amazing housewarming gifts, including a really nice full size vintage mirror, and also far too much champagne. We are not sure if some of our Scandinavian styled furniture will go with the Parisian style house, but time will tell.

Riding to work

I've been cycling to work about 6am every morning. It is a busy period at my job and I am desperate to maintain my morning exercise routine, so I thought I'd combine the two. It's going ok however the journey is all uphill on the way home which is daunting after a big day.


One of my favourite afternoons was playing a round of golf and having dinner with a mate. Golf is great for mindset, and for me it's a really good lesson in the value of avoiding mistakes rather than inconsistent big hits. A double bogey is a bad shot followed by a stupid shot.

Reading Role of the Director and the Board

Going through my coursework and revising some things that are relevant to my current work