March, 2021




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Profit Share

  • It's not very popular at the moment, but I really like some profit share models. There's something so tangible and reinforcing about dividing profit amongst employees, instead of all the variables and risks on the employees side of a share scheme. Profit share looks after employees first and throughout the business grows. Employee share schemes only benefits the employee on sale, for an undetermined price and only after it's successful.

Boring Business

  • I sometimes get tired of hearing serial entrepreneurs pitching new innovative methods and high growth strategies. There are so many great businesses out there which could benefit greatly from good business practices, without the extreme risks of the start-up world. It's not sexy, but combine an existing revenue model with an input of governance and business leadership and you will have my attention way more than claiming to be the next Elon Musk.



  • Push-ups - 787
  • Squats- 700
  • Burpees - 272
  • V-sits - 900
  • Running - 35km‍


  • Meditation - 120min
  • Morning Pages - 12,500 words‍