January, 2021

February 1, 2021



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The Lindy Effect and corporate culture.

The Lindy effect (Nassim Nicholas Taleb) stipulates that the future life-expectancy of some non-perishable things (like ideas) is directly related to how long it has lasted for already. An easy example of this would be predicting that suits have been around for a long time and are unlikely to go out of fashion soon, but a fast-fashion trend will leave as quickly as it came.

I've been thinking about this in terms of business culture, looking for companies that have lasted because of evergreen principals, versus the latest trend of nap-pods or step challenges.


Signalling, as in virtue signalling,(Nassim Nicholas Taleb again) is public expression indented to demonstrate a desired message. For instance, charitable donations are largely driven by visibility and hardly any are anonymous, which would indicate a preference to appearing charitable rather than doing good. The same is true with ivy league schools and premium brands, where the alternatives are just as good but do not carry the same designed signal.

I've been thinking on how much of everyday life is actually doing a thing for intrinsic reasoning or just to appear in a certain light, even to myself. Signalling has also been massively amplified with social media, where social capital is now a currency. If you signal well, you get likes or follows.


Excluding my full-time job


Push-ups - 1370

Squats- 700

Burpees - 400

V-sits - 889

Running - 35km


Meditation - 177min

Morning Pages - 12,500words


Website design - BStrange.com

House decoration - lights, curtains, wardrobes, DIY shelves

VA Onboarding - new virtual assistant

Consulting - strategic development and planning