August 2020

September 1, 2020

We brought a house!

Only having just rented a nice apartment in town Nim and I weren't really looking to buy a place, but once we saw this place we fell in love with it. Interest rates were really good and the stars just aligned. We are very happy with it.

Moving starts early September!

I passed my IOD Diploma Exams

I got my results back from the exam I took last month and passed. To be honest I was pretty nervous about this one, as the exam was during a very busy period and I didn't put in as much study time as I would have liked. The qualification is recognised by the royal charter to the equivalent of a masters degree and it comes with some fancy designation letters should I choose to use them.

Overall I'm loving the IOD courses and will hopefully become chartered next year.

Beach Volleyball camp

One of my favourite days this month was a full day of playing beach volleyball. It was super hot and sunny, and reminded me of days at uni back in Aus. Including morning yoga, I think we were running around on the beach for about 6hrs and my legs were pretty sore afterwards.

I joined a new gym

After many years of resisting, I've joined a CrossFit gym. My current exercise routine was becoming stagnant and I really wanted something to challenge me. I've only done a few sessions so far but have already been pushed to nearly throwing up and have been limping for days after it from muscle soreness. Safe to say I love it.

Reading Show Your Work

Its a super short book but reaffirmed my thoughts of having a personal website. My book notes on it are up in the Blog section.