So, what have you been up to?

For the people I haven't seen in a while or those generally interested, here's an update to how I'm spending my time. I got the idea from here, and thought it would be a great idea to help us keep in touch.

Disclaimer: A lot of my work involves intellectual property assets right now, so company updates won't appear here.

July 2020

A little bit of Australia in Jersey! Thanks Mum

Took a week off! (Kind of)

Some friends visited in mid July, who we hadn't seen in about 6 months. We went on a Jersey Seafaris trip, glamping and a belated house warming party.

As timings go, I had quite a lot on at work.  I went into the office for a few days and also ran a board meeting.

Reading Principals by Ray Dalio

Really enjoying the honesty and humility of one of the world's most successful people. It reminds me of Ben Horrowitz's account of his rise to success, in the way that expresses there is no recipe for success except a deep and unrelenting drive to get up every time you fall.

Studying at the IOD

I've just finished my Developing Board Performance course and taken my exam. I regretted not studying very much but work has taken first priority and hopefully I have scraped through it.

Watching Netflix

We have been trying to get through Money Heist on Netflix for a few months now. I need to put down the laptop and relax more in the evenings.

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