Benji Strange

About me

A pre-eulogy of sorts. I figure that one day this will be all that's left of me, so it's nice to see how it's going.


A timeline of events

  • Born in a small country town in Western Australia.
  • Grew up in Kalgoorlie, a slightly bigger town nearby.
  • Left school after year 10 to race motocross in America
  • Trained as a personal trainer, massage therapist, helicopter pilot, snowboard instructor and truck driver.
  • Went to Bond University, Notre Dame (Australia) and University of Western Australia.
  • Completed over 30 classes in biomedical science, environmental science, politics, international relations (and more); but didn't graduate.
  • While at university I ran a couple of businesses, accruing 7 years of company director experience by age 25.
  • Moved to Jersey, Channel Islands to work in an international business
  • Now CEO and owner of business
Critical Drivers

What motivates me

I'm driven by high performance, community and leadership. A few times in my life I've met people who gave me a 'wow' feeling, and I strive to have that radiance.

For me, the roadmap to this goal is having strong moral compass, being tested to limits, developing emotional intelligence and having a network of people who I can trust.  

My Story

I sometimes look at what everyone else does, and run the other direction.

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