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I’m excited to be a finalist in this year’s Director of the Year Awards!
Found a flower wall as we were walking in our Friday clothes #candid
RT @shl: “You’re doing it all wrong,” said someone doing nothing at all.
Dan at hillclimb
Bouley Bay Hillclimb 2021
Container sunset
Daffodil direction
The one flower turned away from the sun
We got a kitten
Welcome to the family Blue
Joy in a photo
Jumping for joy for our new house
2020 Highlights
Covid December

I'm working on a platform to collect and easily share my digital assets. This site holds my photos, book notes, articles and information that I enjoy. I hope you enjoy them too!

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Interesting beach rock formation
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Manual focus, large apatures, pure appreciation. I love taking photos

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A business director baptised by fire. CEO with a specialisation in corporate governance, restructuring, and difficult conversations.

Benji Strange, CEO Strada Global
Director: 10 years, 6 companies, director of the year nominee 2021
CEO: >£6M Raised, Annualised ROI 35%
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Follow my journey at Strada Global, unlocking the potential of geothermal energy using advanced drilling technology.

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The Beach Shack. My favourite place on earth

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