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Sapiens: A brief History of Humankind

Book Summary: Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

The Book in Summary

  • Sapiens provides the reader with a zoomed-out perspective. It describes most of our referenced history as just a blink of the eye, largely written about things that don't physically exist such as politics, religion or business.
  • It walks through three revolutions (Cognitive, Agricultural and Scientific) of humans during the last 70,000 years.
  • Basically what an alien would write to describe humans to his world.


  • An important reminder of what is real vs. what is conceptual, or what is natural vs. what is cultural.

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Skin in the Game

Book notes on Skin in the Game by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The Book in Summary

  • This book is about risk and simplicity in a complicated world. Taleb highlights an imbalance between those who are making decisions and those who are paying the price for them.
  • It explores: 1) The reliability of knowledge, both practical and scientific, 2) risk imbalances, 3) information and transparency, and 4) rationality in complex systems.
  • It highlights the principal-agent problem and how it feeds off unnecessary complications, risk transferal and smart people who think they know what they're doing.


  • It's a pretty heavy book in terms of philosophical ideas but Taleb breaks them down in a "no-bullshit" manner. I really loved the use of ancient quotes and stories to explain modern problems.  

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Leading with Character (James Loehr)

Book summary of Leading with Character by Dr James Loehr

The Book in Summary

  • Moral character and performance character are different things. We tend to be remembered by moral character long after we die but we tend to focus performance character while we are alive.
  • Moral character is at the heart of heroes and great leaders. It is a trainable quality, just like a muscle.
  • The book give awareness to moral inputs, which are often flawed, and great tools to build moral character.


I loved this book. It is written so well and really reinforced my core beliefs in business and why I love corporate governance and leadership. I am still going through the 12 week credo exercises, but it is providing some great thinking time