Welcome to my mind garden

A What?

This site is a mind garden, growing my thoughts, book notes and topics I find interesting. I got the idea from here.

Many posts on here are still 'seedlings' so they might not make sense to you just yet, but if you stick around you will see the concepts grow.

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Why have a mind garden?
This site is a central resource for information that I commonly share; if we've discussed an idea or or taken a photo together, it's available for you here.

It also keeps me accountable to germinating thoughts and is a nice way to pollinate ideas.

Your mind is like a garden,
your thoughts are the seeds.
You can grow flowers,
or you can grow weeds.
- Unknown

WHere can i find things?

Book Notes

Here are some notes on books, articles, journals and the like.  

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If we've been on an adventure together and you want some of my photos, here they are.

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An attempt at putting my thoughts into a logical and practical summary.

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WHo are you?

I'm Benji Strange, I'm the CEO of Strada Global and Director of a few local companies. I bring a fresh perspective to board rooms and work with like-minded people to build business strategies.

Quick facts:
  • Business executive
  • Corporate governance expert
  • Prolific thinker
  • Loves an adventure
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How does is work?

The idea is that every post, picture or publication builds and interacts to become something bigger. Everything is a work in progress and if I get a lot of interest or views on a particular thought it will grow.

You can learn more about mind gardens from this post by Anne-Laure Le Cunff